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Enter details of your trip and set price per passenger. It takes 2 minutes and you can offer a one-off, return or recurring journey.

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You set the rules

Carpooling needs to work for you. Set your preferences, for example, whether smoking, food, pets or children are allowed in the car.

Respond to requests

You choose whether or not to accept requests. Respond as soon as possible and contact the passenger if you have any questions.

And you're off...

Agree a convenient time and place to meet. We’ll send you the passengers’ contact details so you can get in touch.

Review and repeat

Share your feedback with other members. We’ll transfer the passengers’ carpooling contributions directly to your bank account. You can easily set up a different journey or copy an existing one from your dashboard.


Heading somewhere? Search if someone's going the same way...

Book up to 3 seats for shared journeys - long distance or close by - across the UK or further afield. Driver members are only sharing their costs so this keeps prices down for you.

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More flexible than the bus or train

Choose based on price and reviews. The driver member will set out certain preferences on their profile but feel free to ask questions.

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Agree a convenient time and place to meet. You’ll get the driver member’s phone number once they’ve accepted your booking so you can arrange further details. Have your booking ID to hand to help them identify you.

Review and Repeat

Share your feedback on the driver member and the ride, then search for your next carpooling adventure.