Getting started

The easyCar story

We’re part of, an established car and van rental business in the UK and over 160 countries worldwide. We're backed by Sir Stelios’ easyGroup and leading venture capital investors PROfounders Capital. We have a committed team who are passionate about car sharing.

The 'easy' brand has a fantastic reputation for making things simple for consumers, and stands for great value. At easyCar, we’re always looking for ways to make car travel more social, convenient and accessible.

In 2012, we launched easyCar Club, and have since become UK’s largest and most successful peer-to-peer car rental market place.

With a member base of tens of thousands of car owners and renters in the UK alone and years of experience in car sharing, we’re now delighted to introduce easyCar Pool.

What is carpooling and what are the benefits?

Carpooling is simply sharing your private car journey with others. You probably already carpool regularly with friends and family, without thinking about it. However, most cars on the road have spare seats even though there are others going the same way.

easyCar Pool connects people so they can arrange to travel together, share the costs and playlists, while playing their part in reducing road congestion and air pollution.

Next time you’re going somewhere – be it driving or needing a ride – it’s very likely that you can carpool:

  • Commuting to and from work
  • Doing the weekly shop
  • Getting to a festival, big event or match
  • Intercity travel or weekend getaway within or outside the UK
  • Traveling home from university
  • Visiting friends

Share your plans. Share your journey. Share the cost.

How do I sign up?

Membership is free and it’s quick and easy to sign up. If you’re over 18, just complete a few basic details here and you’re ready to list a journey or book one.

Already a member of the easyCar Club? Think of this as an extension to your membership. Your login information and peer reviews carry through to easyCar Pool. We may ask you for a few extra details specific to the carpool service.

Offering a ride

How do I offer a ride?

Driving somewhere and have spare seats? You can offer up to 3 seats to others going the same way and share the experience and travel costs. To set up a listing:

  1. Enter the start and end points of your journey at the top of the page.
  2. Click Drive.
  3. Select date and time of travel. For return or recurring journeys, use the scheduler to set frequency – this allows you to post up to 70 similar trips in one go, a great feature for commutes or regular journeys.
  4. Use the map to help pin down your intended route; the more accurately the route is set, the more reliable the matching process. For example, if you’re avoiding the M6 toll road, then make sure this is reflected on the map.
  5. Set number of seats available and a price (see How Much Should I Charge? for more details).
  6. Add a description and select carpool preferences – here are some things you can specify:

    No smoking in the car

    Maximum 2 in the back seat – this guarantees more comfort for your passengers

    Female-only ride

    Indication of luggage size you’ll have space for per passenger

    No eating in the car

  7. Click Publish

You can use easyCar Pool to list journeys within or outside the UK up to 3 months ahead of your travel date. For privacy reasons, we recommend that you do not include your exact home address as a location (see the Trust & Safety section below for more details).

Will carpooling affect my motor insurance in any way?

No, providing you are only asking members to contribute towards the running costs of your car and not to make a profit. This is the position taken by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and this is why we cap the price you can set on your listings.

Over 300 insurance providers are members of the ABI, accounting for about 95% of the motor insurance market in the UK. However, if you’re still concerned the best thing to do is to contact your insurance company to ensure your policy is not affected.

How much should I charge?

You’re in control of the size of contribution you’d like from each passenger, however remember that as this is private car sharing the amount you charge should just offset running costs.

We recommend a price per passenger. This is a guide on what we consider a reasonable amount for the carpooling distance. You can adjust upwards or downwards, accounting for any supplementary costs like toll charges or the London congestion charge. However, a ceiling price will apply to prevent you from overcharging or making a profit (see further details above about carpooling and your motor insurance).

The price you set is fixed and non-negotiable making it simple and transparent for everyone involved. If a passenger joins you for only part of the journey, a pro-rated amount will apply.

We take a commission of just 10% plus VAT of the amount you charge and the passenger will also pay a booking fee to cover the cost of taking payment and then paying you.

Accepting or rejecting carpool requests

You’re in complete control of who you carpool with. When a member makes a request:

  • You’ll get email and an SMS with details of the passenger and their carpool request.
  • Log in to review, accept or decline the request. You can view the passenger’s profile and peer reviews by clicking on their name or profile photo in the Driver section of your Dashboard.
  • Message the passenger member using the messaging system to discuss travel arrangements or if you have any questions.
  • Let them know as soon as possible if they can join you. If you don’t respond within 15 hours, the request will automatically be declined so they can make other plans.
How is my listing promoted to other members?

We help match your listings with other members looking to travel the same way. We already have an existing member base of tens of thousands of car sharers and we're constantly investing in marketing to help maximise your chances of success on the platform.

Here are ways you can boost your profile:

  • Complete your profile – visit your Dashboard to add details such as a profile photo or verifications to help your listing stand out
  • Add more details about the trip – a car photo or ride description can help let members know what to expect from the journey
  • Respond quickly to any queries and requests about your ride
  • Share via facebook and twitter buttons
How do I make changes to a posted journey?

You can add car details, change the ride description, number of available seats or carpool preferences or delete the listing directly from the Driver section of your Dashboard. These options are only available if you have no live requests or bookings for that specific journey. Any changes to the route itself will have to be set up as a brand new listing.

If you have accepted a carpool request, please respect your commitment. A member of the community is counting on you to get to their destination. Cancel the booking only in case of absolute necessity, and give as much notice as possible.

When do I get paid the passenger contributions?

We pay directly into the UK bank account details that you provide to us within 14 working days from the end of the carpool journey. Don’t forget to add these details in the Account section of your Dashboard.

Carpooling is fun! I’d like to share my journey again…

If you have seats available during these journeys, why not share again? You can post as many of trips as you like which you’re willing to share.

If the route is similar to the one you have offered before or you would like to share your return journey, you can do this very quickly via the Driver section of your Dashboard. Just navigate to the existing listing and look out for these options:

Add a return journey

Offer the same ride again

We will pre-fill all the details, but please ensure these are correct before posting.

Finding and booking a ride

How do I search for a ride?

To search for drivers going the same way:

  1. Enter where you’re traveling from and to at the top of the page – we recommend picking public locations as pick up and drop off points.
  2. Click Search.
  3. Apply filters - for example, travel date and number of seats required - to narrow your options.
  4. Scroll through the listings to see which rides are on offer – this will include listings for longer journeys which cover your route.
  5. Use the map to see how your route interacts with the published listing.

    Map Legend

    Driver's start and end point

    Your searched route

  6. Click on the listing to learn more – if you need further details before you book, click the Ask a question button to send the driver a message.
How do I book a seat?

You can make a request directly from the listing page:

  1. Select number of seats required – don’t forget to add a promo code if you have one; the total price will update automatically.
  2. Click Request to book this ride.
  3. At the check out page, review the route details and provide your payment card details.
  4. Say hello to the driver – you can add details of your request here including a suggested meeting point.
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions and click Request now.
  6. Wait for the driver’s response. They have up to 15 hours to reply, but most reply within a few hours.

The value of the booking will be pre-authorised on your card, but will only be charged if your request is accepted. If the driver declines the request or doesn’t respond within 15 hours, no charge is made and you can try booking with someone else.

You may submit up to 3 requests for any particular travel date. However, please ensure you cancel all open requests as soon as one of them is accepted otherwise cancellation charges may apply (see Cancellation policy below).

Can I book a seat for someone else?

Yes, but we encourage everyone to create their own profile so the driver knows exactly who they’ll be traveling with. Signing up is easy and takes less than a minute.

You can book up to 3 seats per ride (where available) for friends or family you’re travelling with. We recommend that you tell the driver about your travel companion(s) when making your request so they know who they’ll be carpooling with. As the one making the booking, it is your responsibility to ensure those traveling with you also respect the carpooling etiquette and the terms and conditions of the service.

How is the total cost calculated?

Carpooling is private car sharing and this means drivers only collect a contribution towards running costs. We set a cap on the amount charged based on distance travelled so that no profit is made.

The price you see is fixed and non-negotiable making it simple and transparent for everyone involved. We take a commission of 10% plus VAT of the price set by the driver and a booking fee of £1 per passenger to cover card fees, administrative support and marketing costs. All other proceeds will be transferred to the driver after the end of the journey.

What should I do if my request was declined?

You’ll receive an email letting you know and you will not be the charged. Try searching again. Here are some tips:

  • Message multiple drivers to discuss travel arrangements before booking.
  • Complete your profile – a profile photo and brief introduction in the About Me section goes a long way in helping build trust.
  • Driver activity on platform – look for the driver’s response rate and when they were last online on the ride profile page to see how active they are.
  • Flexible with your route? Increase the search radius filter to see a wider range of listings.

Or if you can drive, consider local peer-to-peer car hire. In your search results, you’ll see easyCar Club cars for rent. Click through to see all available options.

I can’t find a ride to where I need to go

We’re sorry there are no suitable listings right now. Create a ride alert at the Search page and we’ll instantly notify you when there are new listings matching your requirements. You can cancel these alerts at any time from your Dashboard.

With thousands of new members joining our car sharing community each month, we’re always encouraging members to share their car journeys, be it their daily commute, travel to an event, a weekend drive out of town or intercity travel. Help us spread the word.

You’ll also find easyCar Club listings in the search results, a convenient way to hire local cars from real people. Click through to see all the available options.

How do I make changes to my booking request?

If you’ve changed your mind about a booking and want to cancel, you can do so before the driver accepts. Once your booking is confirmed, cancellation charges will apply (see Cancellation policy below for further details).

Contact the driver directly to discuss other requirements such as change in luggage requirements or meeting point.

All booked and ready to go

How do I prepare for my carpool journey?

Excited about your trip? Just a few more things before you go…

  • Pick up details - remember to agree the exact meeting time and place for the ride – this is particularly important for passengers joining part way through the journey. We recommend a public place, close to public transportation connections.
  • Other travel requirements – have a large suitcase or little boot space? Remember to discuss this in advance.
  • Have your booking details page handy on your mobile as it contains all the important details of your ride - you can access this from your Dashboard.
  • Be on time – plan to get to the meeting location in good time.
How do I get in touch with the driver or passenger member?

Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll be sent the other member’s mobile number. You can always also use the easyCar Pool messaging system to get in touch securely. Members will be sent an email and an SMS notifying them of a new message sent to their inbox.

Make sure you keep your contact details up to date and that your mobile device is fully charged on the day of travel.

Ride etiquette

Carpooling is a social way to travel, but the community thrives on members treating each other with mutual respect.

  • Be on time and let the other person know if you’re running slightly late.
  • Respect the driver’s preferences around smoking and eating in the car or playing loud music.
  • The driver should not be treated as a personal chauffeur or taxi driver.
  • One of the benefits of carpooling over public transportation is getting directly to the destination (‘door-to-door’), however please be considerate in your requests for this.
  • Keep the car clean e.g. no muddy boots.
Carpooling safely

The safety of our members is a priority for easyCar Pool. We run identity checks and these appear as badges on the member profiles. The peer member rating also helps promote good behaviour and you can use this to choose from those with a good car sharing track record.

Given the peer-to-peer nature of carpooling, when it comes to traveling every member is responsible for their own safety. However, we do recommend that members follow some simple security measures:

  • Arrange the pick-up in a public place and avoid exchanging home addresses with your carpooling partner.
  • Meeting for the first time? We recommend you bring your photo ID. If in doubt, you can always ask to see their ID matches the profile.

Remember, you are under no obligation to go ahead with any journey. If you have any doubts about your carpooling partner, for any reason, you should avoid travelling with them and contact Member Services.


Why should I give feedback on a carpool experience?

easyCar Pool follows the well-established model of member rating member. The feedback given helps both driver and passenger members build up a good reputation.

Any commendable behaviour can be highlighted and anyone not living up to the standards of the service can be quickly identified. This allows other members to make better-informed decisions about who to carpool with.

What if I disagree with a rating or comment that I have received?

We encourage honest feedback, and will investigate reviews or comments that may be unjustified. Email us at to request a follow up with the member concerned.

Trust & Safety

Personal information - what details do you need from me?

We ask for some basic details on sign up: name, email, date of birth and gender. To post a listing, message another member or make a booking request, you also need to verify your mobile number so we know you're contactable on the day of travel.

Your mobile details are only shared once you have a confirmed booking so you can make travel arrangements. Your email address is not shared with other easyCar Pool members.

We take privacy seriously at easyCar Pool. You can clearly see from the Edit Profile and Account sections of your Dashboard the limited information we share publicly. All other personal details will only be used for validation and payments. Please see our Privacy Policy for further details.

Remember that some of the responsibility in data protection also lies with you. For example, please avoid entering your home address on a ride listing or adding your mobile number on a ride description as these are displayed publicly.

Women-only rides

At easyCar Pool, we want everyone to feel comfortable in every journey they take, regardless of colour, creed or gender. We also know that some women aren’t completely happy to share a ride with a man they don’t know. For this reason, we provide a women-only option, which lets our female members choose to share a ride only with other women.

Women drivers should tick this option when setting up a listing, and women passengers can apply a filter to pick women-only rides.

Under 18s using the site

You must be over 18 years old to be a member on easyCar pool. It is possible to book seats for a minor if you’re their parent or legal guardian and are travelling with them. However, it is essential to inform the driver and ask for their approval beforehand to make sure they are OK with this and that they have the necessary safety equipment in the car as legally required e.g. a child seat or booster.

Problems with the ride

My carpool ride is late or didn’t turn up

We encourage both drivers and passengers to be punctual for pick-up, however we know there are circumstances which mean this isn’t always possible. If you’re running late, then let the other person know at the earliest opportunity. This will minimise any inconvenience caused to them and they may be happy to wait a little.

If they’re running more than 15 minutes late, the best course of action is to contact them directly to understand their situation as it is likely they are delayed and have not been able to let you know sooner.

No-shows will be treated as a last minute cancellation.

  • The passenger will be refunded in full if the driver fails to turn up. This includes our booking fee and commission.
  • No refund is available to passengers who do not show up (see Cancellation policy below for further details).

It is important that you contact us at within 48 hours of the end of the ride about no shows so we can withhold any payments and process refunds accordingly.

Cancellation policy

We strongly discourage members from cancelling as a member of the community has either made plans to accommodate or is relying on you to get to their destination. If circumstances change and cancelling is absolutely necessary, do try to give as much notice as possible.

A passenger cancellation charge applies to help cover some of the costs that may be incurred by the driver or easyCar Pool:

Cancellation lead time* Cancellation policy
More than 24 hours 100% refund of driver contributions
Up to 24 hours 50% of driver contributions
Post-journey cancellation or no show No refund

* All cancellation lead times are measured from the driver’s stated journey start time.

** The £1 booking fee and commission for the driver contributions are non-refundable in all cases of passenger cancellations.

Getting in touch

Our Member Services team are here to provide personal support for our driver and passenger members.

And if you have any questions that are not answered in our FAQs we would love to hear from you.

  • Email
  • Call 020 3308 9600 (Mon-Fri: 8:30am-6:30pm, Weekends: 9.00am-1.00pm)